Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Stimulant

HUMIKA Product
HUMIKA Product

HUMIKA® is a trademark of Humic Acid products and their derivatives produced by PT. Global Growth after going through a long process of research, development and trials in the laboratory and in the field; selection of raw materials; selection of efficient and environmentally friendly production process technology; as well as product development innovations carried out by competent experts. HUMIKA® has obtained a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. So far PT.Global Growth is the first and only producer in Indonesia that produces Humic Acid and its derivatives in the form of solid concentrates. PT. Berdi Oganik Internasional was appointed as an Authorized Agent to market and sell HUMIKA products.

HUMIKA® is made from the natural mineral Leonardite obtained from the Indonesian Archipelago with prime quality because it contains high Fulvic Acid (about 40%). HUMIKA® production is processed using optimal and controlled extraction and crystallization technology to produce products with high quality and concentration accuracy that can be accounted for.

HUMIKA® is a Humic Acid product in the form of a highly concentrated Humic Acid salt (potassium humate), available in solid and liquid forms. HUMIKA® SC (Solid concentrate) is a solid and easily soluble in water (95% water soluble). Because it is a solid and a concentrate, apart from being more efficient and effective, using HUMIKA® will also be easier and more practical in terms of application and transportation.


What is Humic Acid?


The active compounds in humus that acts as soil conditioner are Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. These stable organic compounds are the final products of the decomposition of organic matter.

Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid are different from the organic compounds found in other organic fertilizers such as compost and manure, which contain other types of compounds that are easily degradable by microbes in the soil and will eventually run out.

Humic Acid is an organic polymer compound with a complex macromolecular structure, a high molar mass and several working groups. In nature, Humic Acid is formed through a set of physical, chemical and biological processes in plant and animal matter, called humification. Because the structure is a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic compounds (which include the working groups carboxylic acid and quinoide), Humic Acid has the ability to stimulate and activate biological and physiological processes in soil microorganisms. Fulvic Acid has a shorter polymer chain, and can dissolve in all pH ranges, making it more reactive.

Other important characteristics of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid that are connected to their role in improving soil condition and plant growth are their high Cation Exchange Capacities, high water holding capacities, adsorption abilities, the ability to act as chelating agents and the ability to fixate pollutants in soil.

With these advantageous attributes, Humic Acid can be used to increase productivity and quality of plants in agriculture, plantation and forestry, to increase soil fertility, to improve conditions in degraded land and to reduce the use of inorganic fertilizers, which is less damaging to the environment in addition to being more economical.

The main function of HUMIKA® is as a soil conditioner and plant growth stimulant. To a certain extent, it can function as organic fertilizer (Organic Fertilizer) because it contains various macro and micro nutrients needed by plants.

Improving soil structure physically and chemically (friability, pH, water binding, colloidal properties, organic catalysts, etc.) so that it can support plant growth properly and plants are not easily stressed.
Stimulate plant growth and accelerate the growth of roots or young shoots so that plants grow faster, and in the end can improve crop quality and increase crop yields by 20-60%.
Accelerate germination or seed growth, and increase the permeability of plant cell walls so as to increase plant absorption of nutrients.
Stimulates increased soil microbiological activity which is beneficial for plant root growth.
Increasing input (up-take) of nutrients through the conversion of nutrients into available forms.
Bind and regulate the release of nutrients (slow release) according to plant needs so as to increase the effectiveness of fertilizer use and reduce nutrient losses due to dissolved or evaporated.
When mixed with single or multiple inorganic fertilizers, HUMIKA® can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fertilizers thereby reducing the use of fertilizers by 20-30%.

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