Berdi Lab and Analysis Department ( BLAD )

This department is a department that is specifically designed with the needs of agriculture around the world, at this time we are committed to building a complete, solution, competitive price, and responsible laboratory so that the test results from this laboratory are very comprehensive and comprehensive.

Physics Laboratory

The Physics Laboratory provides services in conducting research based on Agricultural Physics, in this laboratory, is devoted to studying the physical functions of soil and plants that have an impact on the growth and production of the plants under study.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory provides services in conducting research based on agricultural chemistry, in this laboratory treatment can be implemented on plants or soil, so that it can provide comprehensive and accountable results

Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology Laboratory is a laboratory that focuses on testing microorganisms that are microscopic creatures. Microorganisms that are the focus of testing are microorganisms in the agricultural and forestry scientific fields.

Mapping Laboratory

The Mapping Laboratory has laboratory specifications that are used to support research and studies that contain elements of mapping both for landscape conditions and for mapping plants.
Mapping is a current trend because it has a high value of efficiency and effectiveness if it is accumulated in the number of total costs.

Pest Disease Laboratory

In cultivation activities, several things often become the main problem, one of which is pests and diseases in plants. This laboratory focuses on identifying pests and diseases and providing solutions for handling and managing mitigation strategies to prevent pests and diseases.

This laboratory acts as a laboratory that provides tools and services to carry out Quality Control (QC) where every parameter that will be carried out by QC will of course be given recommendations through this laboratory. The current QC are:

Quality Control
Fertilizer Quality Control
Mill Quality Control

Fertilizer Development

The most important part of fertilizer development is related to the nutritional value contained in fertilizers, so this laboratory focuses on fertilizer development related to composition and nutrition.

Development of Tissue Culture

In the development of plant cultivation, several things become essential elements, one of which is the quality of seeds. The use of superior seeds/seeds will determine the production results to be achieved, one strategy to obtain superior quality seeds/seeds is to use tissue culture where the superior genetic material of the broodstock will be passed down for propagation.

Development of other Agricultural Products

Agriculture is one sector that has a high urgency because it is related to human food so the developments carried out must have guarantees in several ways including guaranteed welfare and guaranteed production sustainability and the health of land resources. Based on this guarantee the development of agricultural products development such as the development of regenerative agriculture and the development of agricultural technology.

This laboratory is devoted to analytical services that have been certified and verified. The results and prices offered are very competitive with other laboratories. Recommendations and results that will be issued will provide in-depth treatment bases so that they can be used as implementation test materials. The services available at this laboratory are:

Soil Analysis
Nutrient Plant Analysis
Nutrient Uptake
Soil Survey
Soil Mapping
Plant and Soil Nutrient Tracing
Soil Consultation
Plant Nurtrient Consultation
Cultivation Tech Consultation

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