The use of laboratories must be based on certain scientific methods. This makes all experiments, research, testing activities, calibrations, and learning practices, for certain material products run well and according to purpose. A laboratory is a place where experiments, measurements, research, or scientific research activities are carried out related to science (chemistry, physics, biology) and other sciences.

The laboratory is a place to apply scientific theory, theoretical testing, experimental evidence, research, and so on by using tools that are completeness the facilities with adequate quantity and quality.  A laboratory is a place for a group of  people who carry out various kinds of research activities (research), observation, training, and scientific testing as an approach between theory and practice from various disciplines.

Berdi Laboratories is here to meet the needs of its customers who need analysis services (chemistry, physics, biology), mapping, agricultural development planning, and work related to agriculture. Berdi Laboratories is committed to being able to provide the best, timely, effective, and precise service so that Berdi Laboratories is ensured as one of the most qualified and professional laboratories in its class.

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