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Agricultural land is currently getting less and less. The decrease in agricultural land is also accompanied by soil damage that occurs systematically and dynamically. The quality of agricultural land from year to year and decreasing reflects the lack of good management. We are here to provide a reasonable and definite solution with the Carbontiliser products making an innovation, where the linkage of fertilizers to plant growth and production can be maximized in a definite and sustainable manner. We need to be committed and contribute to various parties who later need to support Good Management practices and Best Management practices which so far have not been maximally implemented.



Berdi Laboratories is here to meet the needs of industry, education, and related institutions. We are committed to providing the best service so that in laboratory management, our excellence can be guaranteed by certification and the use of new tested/calibrated equipment. Berdi Laboratories is also committed to contributing to the community by providing education related to agriculture to increase the capacity of farmers or even corporations engaged in agriculture.
Berdi Laboratories is the best way for your agriculture solution.

Our Vision

Making organic fertilizers Carbontiliser  as fertilizers that are highly efficient, sustainable, safe, and reliable for all types of food agriculture, plantations, and livestock in the world.

Our Mision

  • Consistent development of Carbontiliser  fertilizers
  • Implementing Carbontiliser fertilizers using the Good Management Practice and Best Management Practice methods
  • Increasing the development of fertilizer sales throughout the country as a form of Berdi Organic‘s commitment
  • Improving human resources and natural resources which can later be used as the main benchmark in-field treatment
Founder & CEO Berdi Austtralia


Founder & CEO

Our Value

To implement professionalism, integrity, honesty, and a spirit of teamwork To provide the best customer-focused service and experience To continually innovate and strive for excellence To be the pride of the Nation.


Founder & CEO

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